Body Treatments

Moisturizing Cleaning Back or Neck and Chest Massage
* Moisturize you! For alone or following a buff your back or neck & chest! Exfoliations, steaming, massage into skin and feel the softness! Excellent moisturizer!
30 Minutes $40.00
60 Minutes $65.00
Parafango Body Wrap
* The Parafango Body Wrap is comprized of a mixture of sea mud, sea salts, and paraffin. It helps reduce cellulite, and results in tighter and smoother skin.
60 Minutes $75.00
Hot Stone Massage
* Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones placed on your back, It is deeply soothing and relaxing and opens your pores eliminating toxins that age your skin.
45 Minutes $55.00
60 Minutes 75.00
Weight-Loss Massage
60 Minutes $80.00
Five Visits $350.00
Herbal Foot & Hand Rub
35 Minutes $35.00
60 Minutes $60.00
Spa Massage
30 Minutes $40.00
60 Minutes $75.00
Facial Treatments
Body Treatments
Waxing & Ear Candling